Jinme Internal Electric Micro Motor

Product features

  • The internal dental handpiece electric motor is an original Swiss brushless DC motor of which the running noise is as low as 45dB while the output torque is up to (The largest torque of the famous brand in Japan  is And the torque of all others is

Product Details:

  1. The motor is equipped with built-in high luminance cool color LEDs of which the luminance can be up to 7000LUX. The luminance can be increased or reduced according to the practical requirements, so that the doctors can accomplish the treatment under the most suitable conditions.
  2. The internal electric motor has four connecting modes: 1:1, 16:1, 20:1, 1:5. Motor with different speed ratios which can be matched with different handpieces. Thus, it can realize different functions and applications according to the customers' requirements.
  3. The LED digital screen display can show the speed in real time, so the speed can be controlled precisely. With the additional sensitive touch screen, you can accurately adjust the speed of the motor according to relative buttons on the control panel. So the product can be more intelligent and humanized (intuative).
  4. he American intelligent chip: the control box has a built-in contol chip developed in America and an intelligent power feedback program ensuring that the brushless motor gives continuous torque and applies more power as required when pressure is applied .The chip also has the complete self diagnosis ability to ensure perfect running of the motor.
  5. The built-in design: the water and static proof circuit board is installed in the treatment table. The motor can be precisely controlled via the control panel in real time and is easily attachable via the build in kit which includes all hardware.
A Swiss developed Brushless electric micromotor capable of driving a Red Band 1:5 Contra angle using high speed burs with huge torque..saving for example 25 mins on a crown prep Can also accomodate normal contra angle 1:1 blue band for conventional use
Technical parameters Motor: brushless DC motor Type: internal water spray Application: dental restoration-dental calculus removal Speed range: 2000 rpm-40000 rpm Max torque: 3.5 Torque control: no Input voltage: AC24V Output power: 120W Water flow: (0.2Mpa): ≥65ml/min Temperature rise: 40000rpm running 3 min, no more than 10° higher than the room temperature Noise: ≤45dB Light source: LED Light source luminance: >7000LUX Bearing: lubricating free ball bearing Disinfection: 135°C high temperature disinfection Port: DC male connector 5.5mm*2.1mm Net weight of the motor: 63.4g Motor dimension: diameter 21mm*70.5mm (exposed dimension: 21mm*40.6mm) Net weight of the control box: 296g Driving board: 120*110*23mm Voltage boosting board: 85*52*30mm Dimension of the control box: 135*63*19mm Gross weight of the product: 1KG Guarantee time: 2 years
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